IRAKA (甍) - Nara Kasugano International Forum
Address: 101 Kasuganomachi, Nara, 630-8212 JAPAN
Tel: +81-742-27-2630

Access to IRAKA:

Narakotsu local buses (Bus route map:pdf file) are available from the bus stop at JR Nara station. Please take a bus of Nara City Loop Line No. 2 (yellow line) from JR Nara station and get off at N-7 stop (Todaiji-Daibutsuden/Kasugataisha-mae). There are two stops for clockwise (N-1) and counterclockwise (N-19) routes at JR Nara station, respectively. The clockwise route may take you faster on the way to IRAKA. The bus fare per ride is 210 yen.

A walking route to "IRAKA (甍) - Nara Kasugano International Forum." Link to a google map.

For sightseeing in Naramachi town, on the way to IRAKA:

Guidance in Naramachi town (google maps).