Greeting from Organizers:

It is a great pleasure and privilege for us to welcome you to the International Symposium on Chiral Magnetism (χ-mag2018). Special thanks are due to you all for gathering here to contribute to this symposium.

We all know that the concept of chirality is ubiquitous in natural sciences. However, until only recently, research fields on chirality had been fragmented into separated branches of physics, chemistry and biology. Even inside physics, a term "chiral" has been used in different meanings in condensed matter and high-energy physics. One of the most important missions of our project, on which the present workshop is based, is to integrate the scattered concepts of chirality and make a roadmap toward an attempt at synthesis of chiral material sciences. In the symposium, we will discuss recent developments and future perspectives on science of chiral materials, in terms of how to make, sense, and use chirality.

In this symposium, we will put the frank exchange of scientific insights as a top priority. We believe atmospheres that are overly formal are too stuffy to really promote our deep understanding of this far-reaching subject. We strongly encourage all the participants to actively join the workshop.

Finally, we would like to thank all of those involved in organizing this workshop. Their efforts are greatly appreciated. We wish you a pleasant and fruitful stay in Nara.


In χ-mag 2018 symposium, we would like to make an opportunity to discuss the following points.

  • How to make chirality
  • How to detect chirality
  • How to use chirality
  • Possible sub-topics
    1. Chirality in magnetism
    2. Chirality in liquid crystal
    3. Chirality in crystallography
    4. Chiral plasmonics
    5. Chiral photonics


    This symposium is jointly organized by the JSPS Core-to-Core Program “Advanced Research Networks”, the JSPS Bilateral Joint Research Projects between Russia and Japan, and Chirality Research Center (Crescent) in Hiroshima University. The main purpose is to advance collaborative research among active researchers in the field of chiral magnets (magnetic crystals with broken chiral symmetry).