This web page is tentative and will be updated accordingly.


2018/7/24 Update

Program and Accomodation updated.

2018/7/2 Update

Program, Registration, Accomodation, and Banquet updated.

2018/6/13 Update

Program, Registration, and Banquet updated.

2018/5/23 Update

Web site updated.

2017/12/26 Brief announcement

χ-mag 2018 will be held in Nara, JAPAN from July 25th to 28th in 2018. The venue is "IRAKA (甍), Nara Kasugano International Forum." Please contact us when you have any question.

2017/12/26 Web site

Web site opens.



Nara is easily accessible from Osaka and Kyoto. Please see "transportation".


Contact address

Togawa Laboratory
Department of Physics and Electronics
Osaka Prefecture University

1-1 B4, Gakuenchou, Naka-ku, Sakai,
Osaka 599-8531, JAPAN
tel.: +81-72-254-8216 (direct)
e-mail: kaimag2018*
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