Welcome party (from 18:00 on 25th July, fee \7,500):

Buffer served by Ristorante L'Orchestrata with a fabulous view of IRAKA Japanese garden.

Banquet (from 18:30 on 27th July, fee \8,500):

Dinner at KOTOWA (google map) with a fabulous view of Five-story pagoda of Kofukuji Temple (official site) over Sarusawa Pond.

Excursion (from 9:00 to 12:00 on 25th July, changed from the initial plan on 27th):

Because there are many beautiful and interesting places to see in Nara including World Heritage, we encourage the participants to make their own plans for what to visit on the morning of the excursion. We are very happy to suggest nice places around the symposium venue. For example, you can visit the Nara National Museum (official site) and Kofukuji Temple (official site), Todaiji (official site) and Kasuga-Taisha (official site), the Former Site of Heijokyu Imperial Palace (official site), or Yakushiji Temple (official site) and Toshodaiji Temple (official site). For further details, please contact the Secretariat.